Sometimes being a manager feels as though you are playing a role in the TV series, Downtown Abbey! You are stuck between two floors. The “upstairs floors”, the Exec team, are always telling you that you are not doing enough with your targets or not getting better results from your people, while the “downstairs crew”, your team, thinks that you, as their manager, is never doing enough to help them succeed. Literally, it feels as though you are being squeezed from both sides! Sounds familiar?  

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The secret to being the best-in-class manager,

    The hardest part is not crunching numbers but handling the people. You have to be a coach, a scorekeeper, hand-hold and support, delegate and encourage, motivate and energise, when you would rather deal with flow charts, numbers, excel spreadsheets and data analysis because at least raw data doesn’t require you to spend so much time dealing with emotional energy. 

    Being a manager means setting high-level goals for an entire year and holding people accountable for their results by enticing and coaxing them to give their best when you wish that they would just do as they are told! 

    To be honest, massaging other people’s emotional states to ensure that they get to the end-of-the-year with good enough results is exhausting at the best of times. It’s like being a parent, but no one is cuddling you!

    So how do high achieving managers get great results AND keep their teams in high-performance mode? What’s the secret recipe for juggling people, emotions and outstanding results in a seamless and effective way, that makes the “upstairs mob” sit up and take notice of your team’s output? 

    The secret is to master 3 Essential Peak-Performance Conversations and deliver them at the right place, at the right time, with the right words, using the science of persuasion.

    Let me share with you the smartest and fastest route to crafting your peak-performance conversations that no-one else is doing (or even knows the WHAT or HOW to do).

    I will walk you through step-by-step how to master these 3 Essential Conversations that will guarantee to help your poor performers make a 180-degree turn-around and move them from doom-to-bloom so that you no longer look incompetent and lame to the “upstairs mob”.

    Using the proven method to craft and deliver The 3 Essential Conversations, help people in your team reach their peak performance with minimum fuss and effort.  When they rise, you shine!

    What if it’s time to take your awesomness to another level?

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    Kickstart manager is a personalised 3-week online mentoring program designed to help high-achieving managers craft and deliver  essential performance conversations

    Set yourself up for success with these 3 essential management conversations

    1. Delegation conversations that work for you

    Avoid THE “horror-movie” version of a performance conversation gone-wrong, where people feel defensive and push back, creating an endless ping-pong match of blame and shame.

    As a manager, you will soon learn that people can pretend to say YES but nothing really gets done.

    With a few tweaks, you could be getting 100% attention from your team by priming them to give you their best results.

    Time: one hour

    2. Difficult Feedback conversations made-easy

    Learning to offer feedback is a core management skill deals with any kind of poor performance.

    It means being assertive, direct and learning how to eliminate the anxiety and dread that usually go hand-in-hand with difficult feedback conversations. You can shift from blame-and-shame to power-and-change.

    Feedback, delivered at the right time, with the right words, is the kind of magic management medicine that slays underperformance in one swift blow.

    Time: one hour

    3. Getting results with your Coaching conversations

    Let’s face it, no-one gets anyone to peak performance by reading thousands of management books. It’s not about your knowledge, it’s about your doing it right.

    Peak performance is when people give the best version of themselves, not because their manager told them to, but because they really want to.

    Easy-going conversational tone coaching sessions remove the anxiety of stress. A few tweaks and a few persuasion antidotes can restore your well-deserved peace-of-mind.

    Time: one hour

    What else is on offer?

    FREE bonuses for the opening of my 3-week mentoring program if you take action

    NOW! Then… they’re gone 🙂 


    Bonus 1: Free book when you sign up for the Kickstart mentoring program

    I put my knowledge in a a book because I can’t cram all my tips and suggestions, shared with thousands of managers during my career, into one-hour mentoring calls. All yours!

    When you sign up for the KickStart Manager Mentoring Program,  you will receive a FREE copy of my book so that you can take the time to enjoy your cappuccino while you read about HOW to improve your performance issues.

    Wait, there’s more …

    Bonus 2: FREE 30-minute coaching session for the first 10 people who purchase the full Mentoring program

    Nothing beats a good heart-to-heart conversation with someone who truly cares that you get it right!

    I usually offer paid coaching sessions for managers who prefer a more personalised approach. However, today is a LUCKY day!

    For the first 10 people who purchase the full program, I am offering 10 x FREE individual 30-minute coaching sessions (worth $350 for one hour).

    If you want to FINALLY kick-start your performance journey  and actually listen to someone who knows what works and gets permanent results, let me put your heart at ease.

    the program also includes

    Tips, tools and suggestions

    Based on your real work situations, I provide you with my own tools so that you can begin to implement right away


    Your personal mentor at the touch of a mouse

    While the course is open, you can write to me as often as you need to and I will strive to give you personalised support when necessary

    What NOT to do

    Sometimes knowing what NOT to do helps refocus so I include lists of DONT’s so you can steer the conversations YOUR way

    Things I share

    I believe in the power of sharing so I will source and post videos and things I think can be of help to you

    Worksheets and Checklists

    You get those as part of the mentoring group so that you can chart your progress and brag  about with others

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    Who am I

    How I became a management training expert.

    OK, so I’m not really a management expert but the hundreds of first-time managers I have helped, who struggled to handle their underperformers to feel 100% confident, actually think I am.

    Before I dedicated myself to helping people say adios to performance management issues, I worked for a few Fortune 500 companies as an HR advisor and it took a lot of inspiration & a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today. So I REALLY do know what it feels like when your team is failing.

    So, one fine day, I decided I was going to really figure this whole performance management training thing out. How could I help managers go from a dread-to-dream team?  I wanted a solution..not a possible solution based on How To’s, but sure-shot, carved-in-stone solutions that allowed my learners to implement and get results.

    And so I did. I gave it my all (time, money, effort) and I am incredibly proud of the results I have managed to get so far for all my learners.

    I am also a published author and my book was voted  Book-of-the-Month by the HR magazine HR Director.  Some of my coaching articles have appeared in Executive Coaching and HR blogs worldwide.

    A moment of humble brag and some of my achievements

    KickStart manager mentoring is not for everyone

    WAIT. Don’t spend another cent on… another management training course, NOT EVEN MINE until you read what follows. This could save you years of heartache and hours of unproductive talks.

    Is this YOU?

    • You prefer to spend your time complaining, moaning, bitching about the lack of results in your team
    • You are not ready to be voted best-manager-of the-century and have peace of mind knowing that everyone on your team is firing with all cylinders
    • You believe that it’s not your responsibility that your employees are failing and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars for your department

    BUT if you are committed and determined to tackle the underperformers in your team, AND you want to FINALLY stop applying useless theoretical advice and actually start using winning management performance conversations then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

    Let me level with you…fair and square.

    KickStart Manager is not your typical Mentoring program.

    What this is NOT:

    This is NOT something that requires you to attend another full day training course with lots and lots of talk.

    This is NOT something that is filled with corporate speak and impossible-to-implement actions.

    This is NOT something that turns you into a confused blob.

    BUT it is THE ONLY online mentoring program that shows you how to implement essential performance conversations, in as little as 30 minutes per conversation

    And it will forever eradicate the need to read zillions of management development books or frantically search on Google for answers hoping for a catch-phrase or a nugget that will lift you out of your poor performance misery,

    This is your chance to thumb your nose at all those who said you couldn’t do it to getting your biggest sales results ever …

    Ahhh sweet sweet smell of victory & vengeance!

    why kickstart now?

    This is the moment of truth with three paths diverging in front of you…

    ONE- You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after coaches, managers, gurus, hoping they will help you crack the code of to handle people issues but we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to NOville

    TWO- You can try to solve this issue on your own…it might work…actually, it will work better than what you have been doing…but something tells me “better” isn’t good enough…right?

    THREE- You can get the “everything included mentoring-with-me” deal that allows you to feel 100% confident when dealing with poor performers without having to spend sleepless nights worrying about works or not in as little as 30 -minute performance conversations, without too much work.

    Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all especially that there is absolutely no risk…ZERO! The choice is yours to make and you are the one who has to live with the consequences of that choice.

    Let’s do the math

    You could spend even more sleepless nights because your DIY approach didn’t work out as expected,

    OR You could try reading the pile of management books at your bedside to find your answers and have hundreds of dollars worth of knowledge you can’t apply,

    OR You could ask the “upstairs mob” directly but then they would know that you don’t really know, and loss of face is incalculable,

    But of this may not resolve the underlying issues with your underperformers and you would still avoid your performance conversations like the plague and not feel 100% comfortable when you are doing them,

    With KickStart Manager Mentoring,  you are not only saving that money but also getting the iron-clad assurance that you’ll put together a team that achieves their peak performance and (perhaps) even get voted best-manager-of-the-year!

    Stated differently, if I just handed you this big hunk of cash, would you turn it down?

    Think about that before you click away…

    mmmm…. still not sure?

    Still on the fence about purchasing the KickStart Manager Mentoring Program?

    Let me break this all down for you

    What I am offering here can and will allow you to lift your game, achieve your best sales year ever AND look 10 years younger … I know because this is exactly what I have seen happening.
    Over and over again.

    Not just for myself but over the thousands of managers I have mentored about their performance-related conversations. I KNOW what works and doesn’t so we won’t be using “corporate-speak” and fluffy formulas. I keep it simple and down-to-earth because I am very results driven.

    Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to invest in KickStart Manager :

    • Downloadable worksheets to help keep you on track with your goals, worth USD $20 each
    • Video tutorials about what NOT to do or say, worth USD $100 each
    • Step-by-step instructions on your critical issues and common roadblocks you MUST know about for USD $30 each
    • One-hour mentoring support with personalised solutions valued at USD $450 per day

    All in all, that’s over $2,000 worth of life-changing magic that can take you from struggling to manage underperformers by using well-targeted performance conversations to hitting your best sales month ever in as little as under 6 weeks,

    And it’s all yours..right here..right now for just USD $99 for the entire 3 week-program!

    Within the next few months, you can either save this tiny amount or you can have the forever solution that… provides you with practical tools,

    AND implement as soon as you get off the online lesson,

    AND have a hands-on mentor to talk to if things don’t go to plan.

    I rest my case.

    frequently asked questions about the mentoring program

    Q. I can do this even I have just been promoted and have little experience?

    A. YES! This will definitely be helpful to show your team that you are READY, even if you are throwing up in your handbag or office bin behind the scenes from nerves. You GOT this! 

    Q. Can I expect to implement immediately?
    A. Absolutely. Immediately after we hang up. You will have tips, suggestions and cheat sheets and if things don’t work out as expected, I am there, an email or a phone call away to help during the course of the program. We deal with YOUR issues, remember!

    Q. What if this doesn't work? Like I have underperformers who will never change...
    A. Of course! This is not trying to force people to DO what you want. It’s all about respect and you show them that you are aiming for a result WITH them, not against them. If nothing works and I am trusting that you gave everything your best shot, I reimburse you the whole cost of the program AND you get to keep ALL your material and videos. How’s that for trust?

    Q. What if I don't have time or I miss a module?

    A. You can call me or email at any time to ask me questions about the module or your real case situation, for the duration of the 3 week program. Because you have cheat sheets, PDF’s, videos etc, you can easily watch and read at your leisure. After the 3-week program, I charge my clients full price for each of my coaching sessions.

    Q. DOES CHOCOLATE help With getting results?
    A. Of course! Nothing stands in the way of chocolate, ever!


    30-day money back guarantee, no questions, no sad faces, no shared coffees either … so go ahead and join!

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